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Uno Mono Solo is a collection of 12 songs I wrote and recorded over a fifteen year period (from 1972 - 1987.) These are some of the songs that were never intended to be worked up by any of the bands I'd been playing in at the time. Ranging from mellow and accoustic to ethereal and electric, all of the vocals and instruments on these 4-track recordings were done by myself.

The Retros were a three-piece band formed in 1980 by myself and Mike Bryan. Over a 9 month period we wrote and recorded a total of 33 original songs in my basement studio back in Portsmouth on my trusty Teac 4-track recorder. These two CD's feature all of those songs, which range in style from pop/new wave to reggae to punk/funk.

I formed The Tickets in 1981 not long after I'd moved to NYC from Portsmouth. This was another three piece band with two singer/songwriters (myself and George Fonteboa) that had a bit more of a pop/rock feel to its sound than the Retros. We played several Manhattan downtown clubs including The Other End, Kenny's Castaways, and Great Gildersleeves plus a few college gigs.

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