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I just finished listening to "The May Day Murders" podcast and I must tell you I enjoyed the story a lot. Thanks for making it available as a free podcast. I recently decided to quit my job to take some time of for myself. And listening to the podcast gave me a very nice escape. - Klaus W.

Great Murder Mystery
"If you enjoy murder mysteries, then you'll love 'May Day Murders.' I've read thousands of them and this one ranks right up there with the best. I enjoyed the easy banter between Roger Hagstrom, the detective, and Sam Middleton, the newspaper reporter. The 'guy talk' is extreemly realistic. The plot has such an interesting twist that it left me thinking, wow, this could have happened in my town, in my school, to one of my friends, or worse yet, to me! Roger Hagstrom and Sam Middleton join Travis McGee, Nameless, and all the other mystery detectives that I've grown to love over the years. I'll be first in line for Scott Wittenburg's next mystery novel." - Bob B., mystery lover

"Another great story from Scott Wittenburg!"A really good mystery/thriller full of great tension. As in Katherine's Prophecy, Wittenburg paints the environment nicely with his visually-inspired writing style. Impossible not to get caught up in the story. Hard to put down." - Eager Reader KJ

Really Good Detective Story!

"This is a really good, classic type, mystery/thriller/detective story, but set in small town Ohio instead of among hardened urbanites. In his 2nd novel, Wittenburg again uses his visual style of writing very nicely to draw the reader into the location and the story. I quickly got caught up in it, and had a hard time putting it down until the end. A good read!" - Karen Waddell

Great Read!

"This mystery kept my attention throughout the entire book and was a fun read! Be sure and pick it up!" - A reviewer

Great Detective Story
"May Day Murders is a really good 'detective' story set in a nice, familiar midwest setting. Nicely defined characters most readers can relate to. A fun read! A page turner." - An Avid Reader

"Most interesting Murder Mystery, the pace is just right, it makes you think, it's like I was WANTING to JUMP in and help the victims somehow
wanting to help them fight off Stanley. Just finished podcast.. it is awesome, just .. hmmm beyond mere words. Could maybe a block buster movie made from this one...and let's see who could play Stanley??? The cast could include Jodie Foster as Ann, Lindsay Lohan as Amy.. Matthew Broderick as Sam....just so many possibilities...

I am a fan for life..Keep up the GREAT work and thanks for making it available on podcast...."  - Salena Johnson


I was not sure at first how I would like an unknown audiobook, but after listening to a few chapters it became easily addictive. Perfect for that daily commute, especially if you have a long one like me. The writer is very descriptive and that allows you to easily visualize what is happening in the book. Character development was also good, and it allowed you to have your "favorites" within the plot. It was a very good "mystery" in the beginning chapters, but about midway through you could start to figure out what sort of twist the book was going to take. Nonetheless, it still keeps you listening, to see how things will actually play out. Overall a good book, would check out other books by this author." - Scorps411

"I recently finished your podcast and and loved it! I live in Chicago and take the train to school and work, I didn't want to get off the train at times and almost missed my stop. Thank you for letting a poor college student listen to your book for free. I will keep track of your book from now on. Thank you!" -Lindsay

"Hi Just finished the podcast - thoroughly enjoyed it - thanks a lot." - Peregrine Nicholls





A Must Read Novel

"Katherine’s Prophecy is an amazingly well written first novel for Scott Wittenburg. The twists and turns in the plot draws the reader in and keeps your attention throughout the entire novel. You won’t be able to put this one down! The author does an excellent job of weaving multiple genres into the unusual story line which adds a great deal of excitement to the novel. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys a page turning novel. I can’t wait to read more of Wittenburg’s work!" - Ashley Bossart

An Excellent Thriller!

"This is an edgy but romatic story about regular people caught in an extremely creepy and frightening situation. Written in a very "visual" style it creates a fairly cinematic reading experience with many beautiful, interesting and horrifying images. I found it to be a page-turner and a thoroughly enjoyable read. Highly recommended." - Karen Waddell

"This book was so excellent! I enjoyed every moment of it! I couldn't put it down. I experienced emotions from love to hate to suspense to relief! What a wonderful book! Scott Wittenburg is an awesome writer and I look forward to more books!" - Jessica Boyd

The Cognitive Dissonant World of Lenny and Emily

"This is a romantic thriller with wonderful page turning twists. Scott Wittenburg displays a powerful ability to keep the reader on the edge of his seat, while moving his narrative along seamlessly. He achieves this by juggling a plethora of, seemingly, unrelated events that fuel his yarn to a dramatic conclusion. On the negative side, the author imbues his book with "class warfare" social commentary that will not fare well with those of us who believe in private property rights, the values of competition, freedom of choice, and rugged individualism (somehow, the novel's main protagonists, Emily Hoffman and Lenny Williams, seem to be completely oblivious to their own upper middle class pretensions). For example: Emily's father inherits the family business, which employs many people, and decides to sell it. One would figure that such a move would be inconsequential (a business, after all, requires competent management and constant reinvestment, not everyone's cup of tea), but Emily (who likes to read about "Mill Workers: Salt of the Earth," and stays clear of land developers) wants no part of him afterwards. This is a strange impetus for estrangement since Daddy wasn't exactly Robert Young to begin with (and the business is his to do as he chooses). She uses HER inheritance as she chooses.
Lenny Williams doesn't like the way the world functions, and he feels that something ought to be done to thwart all this "misguided" free will. He feels that there are "virtuous" ways of making a living (art, beauty, preservation), and "bad" ways (land development, stock broking). In his view there are also "appropriate" businesses (quaint shops) and homes (modest homes). Lenny and Emily are much too comfortable to be "arm chair Socialists," but they appear to have no clue.
Great book, questionable politics, America is about economic choice."
- New York Psycho-Reader

Edgy Page-Turner. Excellent Read!
"This is an interesting story, with adult themes, surrounding well-drawn characters. Horror, shock and violence are offset by romance, family values and even a touch of feminist optimism. A good thriller. I highly recommend."
- A Reader

"Katherine's Prophecy is a great book that has elements of several genres. This book is a love story, a mystery, science fiction, and drama. The plot is full of twists that leave you on the edge till the end. Give this book a try, you won't regret it!" - A Fan from the Midwest

A Great Read
"This is a novel that does a tremendous job of capturing the reader while tying together stories of both mystery, hardship and love. If you want a good quick read I would recommend Katherine's Prophecy!"
- A reader

"This is a really good romantic thriller, appealing to readers of several genres. Written to conjure colorful visual images both beautiful and terrifying. Everyday people in an extremely creepy and frightening situation. You'll enjoy this one! (Recommend for adults only)" - Eager Reader KJ

Great Novel!
"This is one of the best books I have read in a long time, The premise is unusual and it encompases so many different genres. You won't regret picking this title up!"
- A Reader

"This novel was quite the thriller but also had a refreshing love stroy intertwined in it. It was written well and sure kept me on my feet and interested at all times. Be sure to give it a try!" Abbey G.

edge cover


What a lovely and positive and inspiring story. Thanks so much for the "The Edge" podcast. We listened to it on our way back from Namibia to Cape Town and I finished it commuting today. Thanks for making it available as a podcast. I sincerely enjoyed it. Klaus W.

I have greatly enjoyed your podcasts of The May Day Murders and The Edge - thanks so much for making them available on Itunes. Your characters are compelling and the stories leave your audience wanting more - and it's a real treat to hear you as author read. Wishing you the very best. -
Alan L.

Really Good Story!

"This is a very interesting story with some unexpected turns. I enjoyed it a great deal and will download the author's other book right now!" - Janellybean

Great Story!!!

"The ending of this story is a total surprise and freaking awesome! If you like a mixture of a boy-meets-girl love story and a dash of science fiction, you're going to love this podcast. Highly recommended!" - Bob_mysterlylover

An Awesome Story!

"The Edge is a page-turner that is both a sci-fi thriller and a love story. Like his other novels, the author creates characters that are really believable and you can relate to. This book will keep you wondering how it's going to end and the conclusion is an absolute knock-out. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a really good hard-to-put-down story that is easy to read and will keep you guessing until the very end!!" - Sarah Sutcliff

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Thank you for making your podcast(s) so visual, whether it be your latest or some previous ones about Photoshop. I am a visual learner and struggle with instructional books. I love the podcasts and your explanations about the"method behind the madness" since I don't just want to watch and copy. Your style allows me to learn the way I know how. - Renate H.

Thank you so much for your podcast. You said that you would appreciate comments on your latest episode, which I just watched. For me, it was extremely helpful. I have been using my camera on automatic without taking advantage of the flexibility its menu offers. Now, I am eager to experiment with the ISO and with manual focus. With some frequency, I have encountered the very situations you mentioned: wanting to take a picture in the dark when the camera cannot focus, wanting to focus on an object other than the one the camera selects, wanting to have more control over ISO in dim, indoor settings. Most instruction I have found is aimed at people far more advanced than I am. I am very grateful for the chance you are giving me to learn basic techniques and vocabulary. Being able to see you actually demonstrate what you spoke about on your latest podcast was wonderful — much easier to follow than the manual that came with my camera. I will watch the podcast again, more than once. Many thanks - Jean L.

I live in Sydney Australia and have recently discovered iPods and Podcasts. I just wanted to let you know that I have listened to about 4 of your podcasts in the last 2 days and already learned heaps.
Thank you very much and I look forward to listening to more in the future. Regards - Judy

I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed your basic tips podcast. I found it quite informative and I look forward to viewing the rest of the podcasts. Thanks again - Peter B.

Hi Scott! No need to reply, I know that you are busy. I just wanted to drop you a friendly note about your podcast series, to counter the knuckleheads that you spoke of in Update: All lessons to be video iPod compatible! Without you and others like you taking the time and money to do podcasting on this subject, many folks like myself would never take the time to become better photographers. Good pictures are the goal, and better than good is the ultimate goal, ignore the complainers and naysayers, let them make their own podcasts if they are unhappy with yours. Its not like anyone is stopping them, except themselves and their own incompetence. Your series has helped me already, and I've only listened to a couple of the lessons so far. - Karel S.

just a short note to thank you for your podcasts. It's been a few weeks without a new release and I just wanted to let you know much your work is appreciated. I hope all is well with you and you won't give up your great work. There are several podcasts about photography out there but most of them, I regret to say, lack quality and willingness to share knowledge. Yours is a fine exception. - George L.

Scott I found out about you from your podcast. Photography 101 is the very best photography podcast out there. It is very clear and concise. You give a lot of information in a short period of time. As a result, I bought your book. Thanks for the podcast, I would'nt have known about the book without it. - Daniel S.

I am a recent subscriber to your books and to your photo tutorials on iTunes. So far the tutorials are among the best I've seen. I am trying to get my photo business (so far a home business that is a second job) off the ground and running. It's people such as you who truly give inspiration to the rest of us. Keep it up!!! Fred L.

Love Podcast!

"Scott I found out about you from your podcast. Photography 101 is the very best photography podcast out there. It is very clear and concise. You give a lot of information in a short period of time. As a result, I bought your book. Thanks for the podcast, I wouldn't have known about the book without it." - Daniel S.

"Outstanding job. This is the first Photoshop tutorial that is clear enough and detailed enought o be of real value. I have watched them many times and get more each time I view them. Thanks and keep them coming!" - Dale 44333

Keep it up!

"This is a good podcast . . . Wittenburg does not rush thorough explanations or make assumptions that you know everything . . . Excellent. I hope that he keeps it up." - musicguy22

Great Style of Teaching.

"The style of presentation is to the point and useful. I ha a high level amature that needs direct input to progress. Scott supplies information that can be instantly used and assimilated. I eagerly look forward to the next lesson." - Karl Monk

Clear Instructions

"Scott explains photography in easy to understand steps. He is interesting and I highly recommend this podcast for beginning photographers. At the same time even experienced photographers will enjoy and be reminded of good photo practices and can gain a better understanding what happens in the camera. I look forward to each podcast."- Bill


"These tutorials are very well done! Easy to understand and informative" - Peaceseeker

"Just wanted to say hi and thanks for releasing your photography 101 podcast. I find it very useful and informative." - Peter Owens

"Just a note of thanks for your work on the podcasts. I think you have pitched them very well in terms of both time and content. Just enough there for us to take in and apply immediately. I have found the tutorials inspiring and have been pleased with the results I have achieved. Have just left a positive review in iTunes. Congratulations on your new book. Keep up the good work!!!!!" - John S.

"I have just discovered your podcast and let me say, you have a great way of explaining things. I will be suggesting and recomending your Photograpy 101 podcast to our many amateur customers. I manage 11 photo labs and your site is what many of our customers need. Thanks." - Bill Dungan

"My name is Ben and I'm an Interactive Media student at Deakin University in Australia. I've just found your photography 101 podcasts on iTunes and think they're fantastic." - Ben H.